Took a carriage, went into a forest, and cut a Christmas tree!

Once we enter December, it’s Christmas time! Let’s see how Danish people count down the left days and cut Christmas trees!

On December 1st (last Saturday), our breakfast started with initiating the 24-day countdown for Christmas. They have very creative ways to do this:

The first method is “Scratchcard”

It’s a kind of lottery. There are 24 squares representing the last 24 days before Christmas. You can scratch one square each day. There are different icons beneath each square. The instructions on the back tell you how many icons you need to win different amounts of money. For example, on the red lottery, with 10 Christmas tree icons, you can win the highest price 1,000,000 Danish Kroners. However, my host said you “usually” get only 9 Christmas trees… How exciting is that 😂

You can see how much money you can win
Another kind of “flip card.” You can win at most 2,000,000.

The second method is “Christmas movie flip card”

Each card matches a Christmas movie and every flip piece covers an element relating to the movie plot. Guess which movies these two represent?

This one is intact.
Can you find the flipped piece No.1?

The third method is” unpacking numbered gifts”

They made 24 packed gifts and each day the kids will open one. This year, the theme is chocolate so all of them have different kinds of chocolate.


The fourth method is “countdown candle”


And there are more methods, including daily Whiskey box (the most right box), daily chocolate box (the middle Julekugler), and daily one-day nail polisher (the most left box).


BTW, it’s Danish tradition to eat tangerines for Christmas. The smell of tangerines and cinnamon is the smell of Christmas.


After breakfast, it was time to cut a Christmas tree! They started planning this a long time ago and asked me if I would like to join. I really appreciate them for waiting for me because last weekend I was back in the U.S. for Thanksgiving (had a great time there with Sarah too).

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